The Professional Growth with ACCA Course in Mumbai

The Professional Growth with ACCA Course in Mumbai

ACCA, or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, was founded in the year 1904, and it is the oldest globalised professional accounting body offering the ACCA qualification. It will have 200,000 members and around 486,000 students in 180 countries. Among the lot, 15,000 students are solely from India. The huge number of participants makes it the largest accounting body in the entire world.

More to learn about ACCA:

Before you proceed further and enrol yourself in the ACCA Course in Mumbai, it is vital to learn more about the points. ACCA has its headquarter in London, and it will work through networks of more than 100 centres and offices. Over 7100 approved employers are working worldwide and got fully accepted because of the ACCA qualification. So, if you want to work in a global font, then getting hold of the ACCA certificate is a great starting point.

The ACCA course scope in India:

Currently, there are multiple Indian companies, which have already worked with employees with ACCA certificates. They have learned about ACCA course details first and passed the exam with flying colours. Not only previously, but some of the leading companies are still looking to hire people from the ACCA fraternity.

  • Much like CA in India, the ACCA course is recognised globally across 180+ countries. There are over 7100 approved employees who have already started a global career growth.
  • The courses will offer easy access to jobs in every possible sector, starting from manufacturing to banking, with significant career opportunities. It will vary from statutory audits to fund management and more.
  • All the major accounting firms like Grant Thornton, KPMG and more are hiring people with ACCA certificates and in big numbers.
  • In the same manner, major MNCs are looking for ACCA members and students to be a part of their sector.

So, getting hold of ACCA Institute in Mumbai will provide a good scope for futuristic career growth here. With an ACCA certificate, you will be a good candidate with the highest possible chances to get bigger job profiles.

The course details:

Before you proceed further and head towards the Classes for ACCA in Mumbai, it is important to learn more about the course details.

  • The ACCA syllabus or the subject will be divided into 3 significant levels, which are Skills, knowledge and professionalism.
  • There are 13 total ACCA papers available, which are divided into Knowledge 3 papers, Skills 6 papers and Professional Level with 4 ACCA papers.

What will the course provide?

The ACCA course will offer you the diploma in the business and accounting sector for cleaning knowledge level. It will further provide an advanced diploma in the field of business and accounting for clearing skills level. On the other hand, you will enjoy a professional-level certificate along with ACCA affiliate status for cleaning professional ACCA exams.

So, if you are willing to start a positive career graph, then enrolling for the ACCA course seems to be the prime choice to make. Just go through the major institutions and enjoy a certificate, which will prove your excellence.

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