CMA USA Course: the Ultimate Path to Success with Financial planning Academy

CMA USA Course: the Ultimate Path to Success with Financial planning Academy

Financial planning is important for every company. That is why the management accounting profession is a lucrative career option. But the only qualification is not sufficient to prove your mastery in the profession. It is essential to get the US CMA certification that establishes your expertise in the field of financial analysis, planning, control, decision making, and also professional ethics.

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IMA or the Institute of Management Accountants has developed the CMA USA Course in 1972 as a global recognition program to acknowledge advanced levels of credentials for the finance and accounts professionals. A reputed Institute like Financial Planning Academy offers guidance to the aspirants to achieve success in the exam. After all, it can be your global passport to work as finance professionals in other countries.

Course fee

If you intend to study while working to pay the fees, then let us tell you that this investment will be worth every dollar or rupee. Visit, and you will know that we maintain transparency in our fees structure.

  • The entire CMA Course fees will be approximately 2,00,000 Indian rupees.
  • It will include the tuition fees and the statutory body fees. We facilitate student loans, and our service team will elaborately explain to you all the details.

We know the next question you want to ask. Is it worth it? If you ask us, we can show you the instance of countless students who have successfully completed the course with us, cleared the exam, and have got the placement calls through us only. Precisely, we can help you to crack the exam and to get a job.


All our existing students and the ex-students appreciate the way we have supported the progress of the learners.

  • We will be providing you with all the course books and test papers necessary for CMA exams.
  • We will assist you to book the Prometric centre for the CMA course exams.
  • Trainers have the expertise to share knowledge, tips, and techniques, without which it can be not easy to pass the exam.  

Details of the course

There are two parts to the course.

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

  • External financial reporting decisions: 15%
  • Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting: 20%
  • Performance management: 20%
  • Cost management: 20%
  • Internal controls: 15%
  • Technology and analytics: 15%

Part 2: Strategic Financial Management

  • Financial statement analytics: 20%
  • Corporate finance: 20%
  • Decision analysis: 25%
  • Risk management: 10%
  • Investment decisions: 10%
  • Professional ethics: 15%

The above CMA USA course details will help you to understand that Financial Planning Academy is going to cover every aspect of the exam.

Choose the best

There are many institutes all across India where you can get guidance for the exam. But are they all of the equal quality? Certainly, no. we believe that the success of each student adds to our success story. And so, we like to put in all the efforts that can help you pass the exam. We are the premier CMA Institute in Mumbai with a high success rate, which will help to boost confidence in our students.

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