BTC-Trends Review – Your Gateway into the Trading World

BTC-Trends Review – Your Gateway into the Trading World

Are you ready to jump on the trading bandwagon? Online trading is one of the most notable trends of the last few decades and the COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the hype. Obviously, you will have to sign up with a broker to begin and BTC-Trends can be the solution you are after. There are some shady and fraudulent operators in the market as well, so you need to proceed with caution and then make a choice. Founded by Cordelino Ltd, the broker is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and has risen to popularity quickly.

But, can it work out for you? This is something you need to find out and the following BTC-Trends review can provide the insight you require for this purpose. Are you ready to read? Let’s begin:

The Assets

First things first, you will find BTC-Trends has added more than 200 instruments from various financial markets to their offerings and this is exactly what you need for diversifying your portfolio. It can help you minimize the trading risks and make maximum returns. You have access to some of the leading markets in the world, including forex, stock, indices, cryptocurrency and commodities. They have added the most profitable options from each, allowing you the chance to earn high profits.

The Platform

Of course, the trading platform is the most crucial feature of a brokerage and BTC-Trends doesn’t disappoint in this area either. They have a web trading platform for their clients that uses powerful trading technology to provide quick trade execution and offers one-click trading. The user-interface is friendly and the platform’s layout is customizable. The tools that have been added include price alerts, daily analysis, trading signals, advanced charting package and graphs. Mobile apps can also be found for iOS and Android ecosystems that facilitate trading on the move.

The Accounts

Opening an account is part of the requirements to start trading with an online broker and each offers different options to choose from. There are five choices that BTC-Trends has added and they are designed for traders with varying skill levels, risk tolerance and trading style. The choices are Micro, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, and whether you are a novice, beginner, intermediate trader or an advanced or professional trader, you can find an option that works for you.

The deposit requirements for each of these accounts vary, starting with ₮5,000 for the Micro account. It increases with every account gradually and the highest minimum deposit is ₮150,000. Features like customer service, daily analysis and video tutorial are available in each account, but BTC-Trends has kept some features unique to every account. These include daily account manager, webinars and seminars and trading central.

The Security

It is also vital to check what kind of security you are provided because online trading is not without its risks. Cybercriminals are on the prowl and you want to stay safe from their attacks. Bearing this in mind, strong security measures have been implemented by BTC-Trends and they can keep your information and your money safe. They protect your trading account with two-factor authentication (2FA) and also keep you safe from DDoS attacks.

Your information is kept safe through full data encryption that ensures it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Account segregation rules are also followed by BTC-Trends that keep all customer funds in separate accounts. The company cannot use them for their own purposes, as they are only to be used for trading activities. Most importantly, the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies are followed as well.

These policies require traders to provide BTC-Trends with documents for proof of identity and residence. This keeps out fake accounts and reduces the risk of identity theft, money laundering and financial fraud.

Bottom Line

Add in useful educational resources, robust and prompt customer support and competitive trading conditions and BTC-Trends can be the partner you need to help you achieve your trading goals.

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