All about NISM Exam & Certification

All about NISM Exam & Certification

NISM, i.e., the National Institute of Security Markets, is a nationalized public trust. NISM represents the statutory professional body that runs for Indian Financial Market Dealers. It even functions as the civil training institute and staff college of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) that regulates the Indian security market.

As the financial market turns out to be the foundation stone of any country, NISM holds great value to India. For more professionals to join the league, the NISM certification course has been developed by NISM itself, which is being mandated under India’s Securities and Exchange Board.

The stock market does play an essential role in booming up the economy of a country. And that’s when the role of the NISM exam comes into action. NISM studies stock exchanges and the role of the stock market and all the associated activities. If you intend to make a career in the stock market industry, you need to opt for proper knowledge. That’s when NISM certification and exam come into existence.

National Institute of Security Markets 

NISM was set up to build a benchmark stock market system and develop standards for assessing the performance and reliability of stock marketplaces. The aspirants should prepare for the NISM mock test centered on stock systems and policies, derivatives, securities, personal securities, and micro and macro exchanges.

While training at NISM, a student will be provided with both basic and advanced training. The most important topics covered are stock markets and their various aspects, exchange rates, foreign exchange, money laundering, securities laws, money transfer and fraud, risk management, internal control measures, tax reporting, information technology, marketing and sales, mergers and acquisitions, documentation standards, and international trade and regulation.

NISM Exam & Certification

The education arm of SEBI that is NISM, has put forward a big step in India in the year 2006 to develop the financial education standards in India. To do the same, they have introduced the concept of the NISM exam or certification course. The institute of NISM includes six schools where they train and educate individuals to cope with the standardization of securities markets.

Through this, NISM assists market participants to flourish their financial skills to a professional level. It enables the aspirants to offer high-quality knowledge and service to all the personnel who are willing to invest in the financial markets. Along with the knowledge collected through NISM mock tests and certifications offered by NISM itself, the learned professionals become capable of helping investors make decisions based on a real-time basis so that they may receive greater ROI on their investments.

NISM, along with SEBI, introduces various courses and certifications to the participants of the financial market. These regulatory bodies aim to elevate the knowledge standards of all the individuals who intend to be a functional part of the Indian stock markets.

The Final Say

If you’re willing to build a career as a stockbroker or any of the similar streams, then opting for the courses offered by NISM is necessary. So, go through the variety of books and articles published by NISM to attain better insights into the same, and choose what’s best for you.

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